From Howard University administrators:

“Thank you for your many years of committed and dedicated service on the faculty and as director of CETLA.  You’ve left very big shoes to fill.”

“As an alumnus of Howard, I am deeply grateful to you for the remarkable contribution you have made to the University.  That achievement is a matter of institutional fact.  As a personal fact, I have also seen from the experience of one of your former students, how transformative a teacher you have been.  I am also acquainted with your generative leadership of CETLA, a pioneering development in teaching and learning at Howard.  Nothing is more central to the mission of Howard University.  I also had a special opportunity to see…what a great colleague and contributor you have been in your years as a member of the Howard faculty.  Now the time has come to say THANK YOU.”

“You gave life to CETLA and developed it into the exemplary faculty development resource it is today.  I have enjoyed working with you, in part, because you are the consummate professional.”

“Your leadership of CETLA is a model for me and others at the University.  Your contribution will continue to serve faculty and the University well!”

“Thanks for all these years of stellar excellence.”

“You are just amazing and so encouraging to  all  faculty.  You are sunshine (continuous) at the University all the time, and you will be seriously missed.  But you created an enduring legacy that will continue to benefit faculty and students for many years.”

“Thank you for your leadership and support.  Always willing to provide support and encouragement.  You are an awesome example of serving others.”

“You’ve had a huge impact on the way we teach….I’ve personally enjoyed working collaboratively with you; I’m always impressed with your hard work, honesty, diligence, and intellect.”

selected emails and notes received upon retiring

From Howard University faculty:

“Thank you for all you did for all of us, all these years and always with a smile.”

“Your dedication to education is inspiring.  Your passion for technology guided us to better worlds.”

“You were one of the first people I met at Howard back in 2005.  In many ways, you are Howard to me.  Your passion, expertise, conscientiousness, and creativity will be sorely missed.”

“Your place here @HU is as high as any and all of the greats that have come through.  Thank you for bringing me up to date in teaching and scholarship–you are the reason that I am as good at teaching as I am.”

“Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, commitment, and love–you are exemplary.”

“I have learned so much from having you as a colleague and role model.”

“You made it look so easy.”

“Your energy and passion for your work were always evident.  Thank you.  I’m a better person as a result of my interaction at CETLA and your leadership.”

“We appreciate the difference you have made in our lives as fellow faculty members and colleagues.  You have changed lives.  We love you.”

“You’ve had a great impact on our individual and collective growth.   I’ve always been inspired by your intellect and commitment to excellence.”

“It was great to have a place to work out my teaching skills.  I also learned to become a better teacher thanks to your work at CETLA.”

“You will be remembered for your positive attitude, energy, and enthusiasm.”

“You made me think about my teaching and made me a better teacher.”

“You have been a true trailblazer for technological advancement of the faculty at Howard.  Since I came here in 2012, I have been pleasantly surprised by the consummate professionalism that you and your office had shown towards the uplifting of the faculty to the level required in contemporary educational and instructional delivery systems….I would like to salute you…for your unparalleled efforts, competency, dedication, integrity and service to the academic community at Howard.”

“You did a remarkable job–from the day I met you.  Not many left who fully appreciate what you built, from scratch, and how you treated everyone with decency and warmth.  You will be sorely missed.  Truly irreplaceable.”

“I personally felt that your energy and passion for developing creative pedagogies motivated me to be a better educator.”

“You have created the one institution at Howard that…is a model for how a writing/teaching/learning center can and should operate at every school in the country.  Everything you touch is simply excellent.”

“First, selfishly, I want to say that you cannot go!  You have been my personal heroine with an entrepreneurial approach to faculty development!  I need you here…thank you for all of your contributions to my success at this institution.  I know I am a better teacher and scholar having known you and having participated in CETLA’s activities under your leadership.”

“In my short time here at Howard, I saw your passion in everything that you do and was pleased that you do it all with such excellence and professionalism….Thank you for all that you have done to prepare me for teaching and ensuring learning at Howard.  I am better because of it.”

“I really appreciate your leadership at CETLA.  It was very easy to communicate with you.  You always responded to email quickly. Your teaching materials are easy to follow and very straight-forward.  We will surely miss you.”

“I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you have helped me learn how to teach online courses better.  You have been such a bright light, personally and professionally.”

“Congratulations on a job superbly done from start to finish!!!  You set a high watermark.  It has been a pleasure to know you and benefit from your work.”

“You have worked tirelessly for this university.  Your passion and commitment were evident.”


selected emails and notes received upon retiring